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All Day Butt Plugs

All Day Butt Plugs

Can you wear a Butt plug all day?

Many people wonder if wearing a butt plug all day is safe for their health.

In Short, the answer is…

Yes you can.

It will probably come as no surprise to learn that some people, for a variety of reasons, want to keep a butt plug in for longer than just a sex session.

Some people enjoy the idea of wearing all day butt plugs even.

Of course with this, comes the concern about safety.

There is unfortunately not a lot of clinical research advising on extended butt plug use.


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Why Wear One?

There are many reasons why someone chooses to wear a butt plug for an extended period of time.

Some people like having a sexy secret only they and their partner know about.

A way of staying connected without being together.

If a relationship is exploring dominance and submission, it maybe a “requirement” from one to wear one to work!

Some people may just be using a butt plug all day for the intended purpose of getting their rectum muscles comfortable with an inserted object.

It’s not unusual to tighten up when exploring anal sex/stimulation for the first time.

A butt plug can be a useful tool for preparing for this and helping your muscles relax.


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Is It Safe To Wear A Butt Plug All Day?

As there isn’t any research in this area, it’s not possible to state with certainty that it is unsafe or safe.

It isn’t possible to state that you should only be using one for a short period of time either.

From looking at those experienced in using a butt plug all day or for an extended period of time, we can say that there are things you can do to make your use safer.


Tips for Using A Butt Plug All Day


Find a comfortable butt plug to use


This is definitely down to personal preference.

Some people are comfortable wearing an metal butt plug all day while others prefer jelly rubber butt plugs.

However it is worth considering the following points when choosing:


  1. Start small – Start with a small butt plug and work yourself up to something bigger.
  2. Get a butt plug with a flat base – Make sure your butt plug has a flat base so that you can sit down comfortably.


Take it out now and then

When using a butt plug for an extended time, you may find that the lubricant you used to inset it will dry up.

With a dry butt plug you have more change of it hurting when you take it out.

It could also create tears in the rectum too.

These tears maybe minor but they could lead to infection.

So make sure you take it out now and then and top up the lube.


Get a lubricant syringe/applicator

This will help you lubricant properly and effectively.


Build up your time wearing it

Don’t just wear one all day straight off the bat.

It is much better to work up – start with half an hour and see how you feel, then progress from there.

This will also let you know if your butt plug of choice is comfortable.



Use common sense and be sensible about your use with all day butt plugs.

Make sure you take it out and add lubricant regularly to ensure it continues to remain comfortable while in use.

Also build up your time using one.

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